Want to buy : G684 or Alternative Stones

Product Type: Granite or Alternative
Product Color: G684
Quality: Premium
Dimensions: 60 x 120
Thickness: 2
Finishing: Polished
Quantity: 1784 m2
Packing Type: Wooden Crates
Target Price:


Czech Republic





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We would like to ask you whether you have in your offer nature stone GABRODIORIT G684 dark grey, thickness 20mm, format 60 x 120cm.

For now we have only information that it should be dark grey and we don´t have any picture.

And as I wrote it should be:

polish   384 m2

polished upper side with milled grooves 1400m2

Please see enclosed drawings where you can see how the grooves should be, size depth about 4mm and width is about 1cm.

If so, please could you send us quotation.

Eventually whether you can offer alternative in stone or alternative in ceramics. For now we need mainly price and photo for the stone. Ceramics is just an alternative.